Monday, 20 March 2017

#Stop Judging : Her Body Colour Doesn't Decides Her Future !

What would you have tea or coffee ?? Nancy's mom asked Meeta, her sister-in-law who has come home to invite for her daughter's ring ceremony. I will go for your special masala ginger tea she replied.

Nancy's mom walked towards the kitchen to bring some snacks and tea. Suddenly Nancy came and hugged her aunt and asked her about her well-being. After spending some time with her aunt, Nancy asked for leave as she was getting late for her basketball practice sessions.
So how's the engagement preparation's going on ?? Nancy's mom asked Meeta while serving her tea and snacks.
All going well. Why don't you ask Nancy to do something for her skin?. Haven't you noticed Nancy has turned darker these days than usual? Why don't you ask her to apply good face brightening creams like Fair & lovely or Himalaya Fairness cream ??
She continued by giving a list of advice on how to become fair. Some pieces of advice include facials, applying mud pack, turmeric, saffron, bleaching skin regularly and the list continues.
Nancy's mom then looked at her, smiled and asked Meeta that how her daughter's body color effects her.
Meeta said: "Do you know Gupta Ji's daughter, she has turned 30 and is still an unmarried cause of her dark color. Many families have rejected her cause of her dark color. I don't want the same to happen with Nancy that's the reason I am saying you all this".
Hearing this Nancy's mom laughed loudly and said: "Meeta, which century you are living in ?. My daughter is an MBA & a state level champion in Basketball.I don't think my daughter would have any issues in getting married for her body color.
She is responsible, well-educated & she knows how to take care of everyone.I am proud of her. Her body color has to do nothing with her marriage."
Meeta said: " Whatever you said, that looks good in television and books only. No matter which century you are living in.Our society wants a bahu (daughter-in-law) who is beautiful & fair, it doesn't matter whether she is a basketball champion or an MBA. The first criteria a family looks for is a fair & beautiful girl, not a dark color girl".
Nancy's mom said: “Well, I don't agree with you”. She silently took the cup and went towards the kitchen thinking is Meeta was right ??.
Well, the answer is yes...We talk modernization. But the fact is ..even in this century ..we witness that girls are judged based on their color tone no matter how educated, talented and responsible the girl is.
Most of the times girls with dark complexion would get to hear a list of advice from some aunt or so-called beauty expert on how to become fair.
In some family, women with dark complexion are considered as omen/ unlucky (hats off to superstitious belief), they are often denied for marriage (which leads to humiliation in women).
Will a body color decide with whom she will be going to share her life with ?? When this color judging will end ??
A woman is beautiful by her nature, character, talent & capabilities. A fair and bright skin makes her attractive only, not beautiful.
Every woman is beautiful in its own way. Color has nothing to do with her future.
Who has given this right to society to judge a woman based on her body color ??
#Stop Judging her color doesn't decide her marriage and future.

She is free to live the life, the way she wants to live. Let her live freely.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

O Women ! You are Beautiful !!

Hey, You! Yeah, You...the one reading this! You are beautiful !! Yes, you heard it right... You are beautiful !!.

You are beautiful... It is not that branded cosmetics or expensive dresses or accessories that make you beautiful...they just make you look attractive.
Do you want to know why you are beautiful..what makes you beautiful ??
Well.. You are beautiful...for all the sacrifices you did for your loved ones. You are beautiful even when u wake up with your messy hair and without any makeup and start doing household activities...You are beautiful when you are cleaning your home ..while cooking ..and even when you are taking care of your kids and family...You are beautiful..when you was preparing food for your hubby and child..while running down in fever.
You are beautiful not only from outside but from inside.
You are beautiful because of your soul...which is full of love and care for others.
As a mom, as a sister, as a daughter, as a wife you have made many sacrifices..and that's what makes you beautiful.
Do u remember the day when you have to opt to leave your job..just for your little baby (your bundles of joy)?
Do u remember the day when you got married to someone ...whom you don't even know properly..just to make your dad nodded your head on his decision...whereas deep inside you wanted to marry your boyfriend.
Do u remember the day..when you have gifted your best toy to your brother...however you didn't want to share that toy with anyone..but still with a smiling face u gifted to him.
Do u remember the day..when you wanted to go for a movie..but your husband wanted to go for an IPL match or he wanted to stay in home to take have let him do..what he wanted to.. Just to make him happy and comfortable...whereas it was your favorite's actor movie for which you waited for so long..
Do you remember the day..when you wanted to say NO...but you end up saying YES because of your loved ones? Do you remember..?? You do...right.. Cause deep within you wanted to do something which you like..but circumstances didn't you did..what others wanted you to do...Most of the times you have compromised & sacrificed your own desires, career, dreams and happiness just to make your family see their smiling faces.
 Were you really happy ??.
You were smiling by seeing your loved ones happy..but is that smile was from within..?? or deep inside you wanted to pursue your own dreams. To live your life the way you want to live.
The answer is NO.
Do you are an amazing creation of GOD.
Don't you think God's this creation deserves happiness too ??.
It's good to take care of family fulfill their give them should but don't forget yourself too deserve appreciation & happiness.Fight for your dreams...take a stand for one else will do it for you.
Well.. I am not asking you to become was never..nor you will be...please do remember SELF LOVE is also important.
These Women's Day... Do a commitment that you won't let yourself and anyone ruins your happiness and dreams.
Promise yourself that you will say NO when required to say NO.Promise yourself that you will say YES to yourself...a big YES to all your dreams and happiness. Empower Yourself.You don't need anyone to approve you. Never underestimate yourself.. Appreciate yourself because you are are are spread peace.
Remember: You are a beautiful soul..worthy of all the are are are are are are strong.You are a wonderful creation of God. You give your best to your loved ones but don't forget yourself too.
You are beautiful in every single way. Love & Respect Yourself.A very Happy Women's Day to all the Wonderful & Beautiful Ladies !! Keep Shining :)

Monday, 6 March 2017

Yes !! She is a Divorcee !!

“Sonam, please check the guest list once. Hope I have not missed any names out here!” Sonam’s mom said to her while putting the list on the table.
 “Mom, how will I read with wet mehendi on my hands,” Sonam said to her mom, laughing.
“Oh yes! I am sorry, beta! You know how excited I am, with only a few days left for your wedding. I still can’t believe that my daughter, my world is getting married. Will miss you Sonam! Love you loads !” Sonam’s mom said, fighting through her tears.
“Mom! please don’t get emotional now. I am here. You should be happy that I am getting married to the person who loves me like anything. Raj is an awesome guy. He will never bring tears in my eyes. So be happy now. I love you too, mumma!” Sonam said, hugging her mother.
“Mom, please read out the names on the list. After all, I want all my friends to be here.”
Sonam’s mom read out the names one by one.
“Mom, where is Anamika’s name? Have not you invited her? I didn’t hear her name on the list.”
“Who’s Anamika?“, her mom asked, surprised.
“Come on, Mom! Don’t you know Anamika? She is my close friend. She was always there for me, whenever I needed her the most. How come you forgot to invite her to my wedding?“, Sonam asked
“I didn’t forget her,” Sonam’s mom replied instantly.
“Then? Why is she not invited? ” Sonam persisted.
“Don’t you know?”
“No! What?”
“She is a divorcee!”
“I don’t want her to be around you.”
“But why? She is a close friend of mine.”
“I don’t care. But she won’t be coming. She is a divorcee!”
“Mom! Are you kidding me! How is my wedding related to her divorce.”
“Sonam! There’s no point in arguing any further. She won’t be coming to the wedding, and that’s final.”
“I don’t want my daughter surrounded by a girl who has failed in her relationship with her husband.These people have a different mindset. They are non-adjusting people, who simply opt for divorce when they fail to fulfill their responsibilities. They are full of ego and pride. They don’t care about the consequences that both families have to face after they are divorced. They are self-centred. Moreover, a divorcee brings bad luck. I don’t want you to be in contact with such a person,” was her mother’s final stand.
“Enough Mom! I can’t believe you said all this. You have really hurt me. I didn’t expect this from you at all. How can you say this when you are a woman yourself?,” Sonam retorted.
The girl you termed ‘self-centred’ was a sweet daughter, a loving, honest wife and an innocent sanskari (one who devoutly follows cultural traditions). She was also a caring daughter-in-law, who left her job for the sake of her in-laws.
The girl who, you said, is full of ‘ego and pride’, knew how to offer unconditional love and respect to her families.
The girl, who is ‘non-adjustable’ in your opinion, was putting down her self-respect for the sake of her husband’s family.
What do you expect a girl to do after being cheated by her husband - other than filing for a divorce ?
She had devoted four years of her life for the sake of her husband and in-laws. What did she get in return? Physical and mental torture!
Despite all this, she had wanted to carry on with her married life with her unfaithful husband for the sake of her family and society. However, the circumstances didn’t even allow her to continue. Only then did she break free from her cage and suffering!
I wonder if you would respond in the same manner if I suffer a similar fate!
It’s very easy to comment on and judge the lives of others. Really, this is a very strange world! Here, the woman is the only sufferer in most cases. Almost nobody accuses the husband or asks him why he was unfaithful to his wife. On the other hand, the finger is always pointed towards the irresponsible, self-centred, egoistic woman!
The problem is that we judge people based on our own perceptions, without knowing at all what the person has actually experienced.
Do we question why the girl took this life-changing decision?
The fear of leading a lonely life afflicts almost all of us. That is why we desire a partner who is loyal to us.
A woman deserves a man who is loyal and affectionate to her, protects her, and takes care of her health, needs and desires. However, what happens when your chosen male partner turns out to unfaithful, unprotective and does not care for you at all?
In cases of divorce,almost no one questions the husband.Barely anyone wags their finger at his character, only because he is a man. Just because he is a man, it is ‘cool’ for him to be involved in an extra-marital affair.A divorced man can  be invited almost everywhere.
Then, why are the odds stacked only against women?
Why do women bear the brunt of a divorce and its consequences, whereas their ex-male partners roam scot-free?
When will society learn to pay the respect due to a divorced woman?
While a woman may not think of divorce from the outset, what option is she left with if ‘her man’ proves to be unfaithful?
Yes, she is a divorcee! I am proud of her and the fact that she is now single and not living with a cheating, characterless guy!
Yes, she is a divorcee! And I respect her for her decision to come out of the cage and express her own individuality!

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The Power of Gratitude !!!!

Gratitude !!

Many of us have heard this term most of the times.Sometimes we take it lightly by thinking or saying”Oh yeah! , Gratitude! .I have heard this quite often but don’t know how it works.”  So what is gratitude ?? Sometimes we google it then google shows the meaning as “the quality of being thankful”,”respect”,”acknowledgment” and much more. But Is gratitude is really this ?? what we google up or what we come to know from other people.
Well for me.It’s an essence which adds a different flavor in life altogether. It’s like sunlight, air & water without which we cannot imagine our existence in the Mother Earth.  For me, it is seeing the divinity in God and loved ones & being thankful for them for their love, support and all the acts which they do for us no matter small or big.
Gratitude is an act, not a word which should be practiced in thoughts, words  &  actions.
Gratitude is being thankful for each & everything starting from all the materialistic & physical things we have. It doesn’t matter whether you are on top of the world with all facilities & loved ones enjoying together or struggling hard to meet the two meals of the day. Just by saying “Thank you “to God & people around us for all the small and big things they do for us will result in a drastic change of our energy level & the same will change our perception to life.
Well..The title says,” The Power of Gratitude ” !!  So which power we are talking about? How Power and Gratitude are related  ??Are we having this question in our mind? You are...  Right ??.Okay. So now we will discuss the power of gratitude and how we can use this in our life.
Let me share a story with you which I heard from one of my fellow Pranic Healer. I hope this story will help to have some knowledge and idea on this topic.
There was a bird who lived in the desert, very sick, no feathers, nothing to eat and drink, no shelter to live and he kept on cursing his life day and night.One day an Angel was crossing from that desert, bird stopped the Angel and inquired ” where are you going?” Angel replied, ” I am going to meet God”. So bird asked angel “Please ask God when my suffering will  come to an end?” Angel said “Sure, I will”, and bid a goodbye to the bird.Angel reached God’s place and shared the message of bird to Him. Angel told Him how pathetic the condition of bird is and inquired when the suffering of the bird was going to end?God replied that for the next seven lifetimes the bird has to suffer like this, and there would be no happiness till then. Angel said that when the bird will hear this he will get disheartened; so could You suggest any solution for this. God replied to tell him to recite this mantra, “Thank you God for everything.” Angel met the bird again and delivered the message of God to the bird.After seven days, the Angel was passing again from the same path and saw that bird was so happy, feathers grew up on his body, a small plant grew up in the desert area, a small pond of water was also there, the bird was singing and dancing cheerfully. Angel was astonished how it happened as God said that there is no happiness for the bird for next seven lifetimes. So with this question in mind, He went to visit God.Angel asked his query, then God replied that yes, it was true that there was no happiness for the bird for seven lifetime, but things changed because the bird was reciting the mantra, “Thank you God for everything” in every situation. When bird fell down on the hot sand it said Thank you God for everything when it could not fly it said Thank you God for everything, so whatever the situation may be the bird kept on repeating “Thank you God for everything”, and the seven lifetimes karma got dissolved in seven days.So have you noticed that Gratitude has the impact to our Karma’s? So just by changing our thought forms, our actions, the way we react to situations and of course by being humble we can remove our negative karma /baggage of past negative karmas.Not only this when one practices gratitude we attract more Abundance, Happiness, Peace and Joy in our life.
We do get jealous or feel discontent with people, colleagues, friends, and family or most of the time we don’t feel happy even with our-self. Don’t we ??
By seeing someone in their BMW, we wish to have a BMW for our-self even when we are sitting in our own HONDA City. Let me add this, there is no harm in wishing to have a good luxurious life but yes be grateful for what you have at the moment because somewhere someone is wishing to live a life like you. Be grateful in action.
Whenever we have any challenges in our life, the first thing we do is to raise questions to God, we always question him “why me ”, “why it happened with me”, don’t we? We forget that challenges in life makes us strong, develops our will power & teach lessons to us. But instead of being grateful and thankful to challenges and situations, most of the times we make it worst with our own negative thought forms & actions.
Life is all about living & enjoying each & every moment. We never know when it is last moment.
Be grateful that you have eyes to see, someone is struggling to see the God’s creation.
Be grateful if you are having relationship challenges it means that you have the family to look after, someone is trying to have a family.
Be grateful for all the tiny and little things that God has blessed you with no matter good or bad.
For me, the power of Gratitude is the change in the Awareness. You are conscious whatever you do to others. Your energy level changes. You become a different person full of positiveness and joy. You tend to become happy and grateful in each situation.
Life is all about exploring & making oneself content.
Thank you for reading this. Remember Gratitude should be practiced in action. Practice yourself and witness the change in yourself and life.
The Struggle Ends when Gratitude Begins – Donald Walsh.
Stay Blessed !! God Blessings be with you and your loved ones

What's wrong in BLACK ???

"Riya are you ready ??", "almost Maa " replied Riya to her Mother in law. Riya was getting ready to attend her Mom's birthday party. She has worn a beautiful golden sari gifted by her mom. She was looking gorgeous in the golden sari with minimal makeup & beautiful hair-do, her face was glowing radiantly with the inner joy showing how internally happy she was by wearing the saree her mom has gifted to her.

Vivek just entered the room and hold her from waist. "What are you doing ?" asked Riya. Nothing, just admiring the girl I have in my life. "You are looking more beautiful today in this saree ", "I Love You Riya ", Vivek whispered in her ears. She blushed & said, "Love you too !! "They were enjoying their special moment when they heard someone coming near to their room. It was Vivek's mother. She entered the room saying Riya are you ready, help Sweta in getting ready. Riya replied " Yeah Maa! I am almost done, now going to help her.
When Riya was about to leave the room, "Wait", her mother in law said. "Yes Maa", replied Riya.
"What are you trying to proof to the world ?" asked the mother in law. "What happened Maa? Why are you saying like this ?" "Have I did something wrong", Riya Said.
"What have you wore? Are not you aware that married woman doesn't wear black ?? How many times how I need to repeat the same thing to you ?? her mother in law said in anger.
"Maa, it's a Golden saree, I know you don't like wearing me black that's why mom has gifted this golden Sari. Even Vivek has complimented me for this saree". Riya said in a soft voice.
"Don't you dare to argue with me, Riya !!
"Vivek can't u make Riya understand to not wear black ?" Vivek mom said to him. (Vivek was silent).
"But Maa, the base color of this sari is golden only a thin layer of black is given in pallu to make it more gorgeous and trendy", Riya said.
"I don't want to listen to any excuses or your modern outlooks and style, change this saree now." Vivek's mom asked Riya.
"But Maa, mom has given me this sari & I wanted to surprise her by wearing it today. Please understand, I want to wear it today only, Please", Riya said.
"Riya, we are getting late, change your saree & help Sweta in getting ready," replied Vivek's mom . She was not at all interested in hearing her daughter in law's viewpoint...
"But Maa ....." Riya was about to say when Vivek cut the conversation by saying "Come on Riya, ek saree ki hi to baat hai, change kar lo na yaar(,mom kuch soch k hi na bol rahi hai, mom ko acha lagega ,kyu baat badha rahi ho jao change karo (It's just a matter of a saree only, mom will feel good ..go and change dear) !!! ".
After hearing this Riya looked at Vivek for a second, she was shocked and at the same time very disappointed by thinking, It was Vivek only, who was giving her compliments a few moments back and now his perception & reaction changed because his mother will be happy if I change the saree. "Strange !! What a world it is ?? "
Riya didn't respond back, she took a different saree from the cupboard and changed.
She was feeling guilty inside. She was swimming in a pool of thought forms. So, it was all about hubby's mother. What about my mother for whom I have worn this saree, to give her surprise, to make her happy.But Alas! no one understood her feelings, not even her life partner.
For Riya, it was not a golden or black saree, for her color doesn't matter. What matters was the feeling she had attached with this particular sari. For her, it was an essence, a blessing, a gift given to her by her mom but for her family it was black...
Does colour really matter in today's world? ?? Is color is more important than our feelings ?? When our society will respect the viewpoint of a daughter in law as well ?? Alas ! no one knows the answer !!.
She was traveling in her own thoughts when suddenly she came back to the real world by Sweta'svoice (sister of Vivek).
Sweta came into the room to show her mom how pretty she was looking in the black gown to which Vivek's mom replied,
" Yeah Sweta, you are looking beautiful, Black suits you.".
Riya felt broken from inside, her heart was crying hard but she stopped her tears to come into eyes, with a fake smile on her face she attended her mom's birthday.